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In the Spotlight: Zeagle Envoy II Regulator Reivew

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Zeagle Envoy II Regulator Overall Review

After diving deep into testing and gathering insights from experts and fellow divers, we’ve got the inside scoop. Here’s what we think in a nutshell. Continue scrolling to read the rest of the review.



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As a scuba diving instructor, I understand the significance of reliable scuba gear. Today, let’s explore the Zeagle Envoy II Regulator—a standout product in Zeagle’s lineup. Remember, purchasing from authorized dealers is crucial for proper setup and testing.

Overview of the Regulator

The Zeagle Envoy II Regulator is designed to meet the needs of recreational divers. Its unique features prioritize comfort, reliability, and performance underwater. Let’s dive into what sets it apart.

Spec Breakdowns & Features

Let’s take a closer look at the key specifications and features of the Zeagle Envoy II Regulator:

Specs & Features

Valve DIN or yoke
First stage Balanced diaphragm
Second stage Balanced diaphragm – Downstream valve
Ports Two high-pressure, five low-pressure
Max working pressure 300 bar/4350 psi (DIN); 232 bar/3365 psi (yoke)
Weight 40 oz/1814g (yoke)

Testing Experience

During my personal testing, the Zeagle Envoy II Regulator performed exceptionally well in various diving conditions. It delivered consistent breathability and outstanding air delivery. Here’s a breakdown of its performance:
Testing Conditions Breathability Rating
Warm water (20m depth) 8.5/10
Cold water (30m depth) 8/10
Deep water (40m depth) 8/10

Maintenance Requirements

To ensure optimal performance, regular servicing is essential for the Zeagle Envoy II Regulator. I recommend annual servicing unless Scubapro provides specific guidelines. Servicing ensures longevity and reliability on every dive. Zeagle Envoy II Regulator Review - DIN and 2nd Stage

Pros and Cons

Let’s hear from fellow recreational divers about their experiences with the Zeagle Envoy II Regulator:
  • Sarah: “The Envoy II Yoke Regulator offers exceptional comfort and breathability. It gave me confidence in exploring deep waters.”
  • Mark: “The multiple low-pressure ports allowed easy accessory connection. It’s great for divers who capture underwater moments.”
While the regulator’s weight may be noticeable during longer dives, it hasn’t significantly impacted overall experiences.

Price vs. Quality

Considering the quality and performance, the Zeagle Envoy II Regulator offers good value. It competes favorably with other regulators on the market, providing a reliable choice for recreational divers.

Do We Recommend?

Based on its performance and features, I wholeheartedly recommend the Zeagle Envoy II Regulator for recreational divers. It prioritizes comfort, reliability, and delivers exceptional breathability and air delivery underwater.


The Zeagle Envoy II Regulator stands out as a top choice for recreational divers. With its unique features, excellent performance, and reasonable price, it provides a reliable and enjoyable diving experience. Remember, always purchase from authorized dealers to ensure proper setup and testing, guaranteeing the gear’s optimal functionality. Dive into excellence with the Zeagle Envoy II Regulator!

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