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In the Spotlight: The Atomic B2 Regulator Review

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Atomic B2 Regulator Overall Review

After diving deep into testing and gathering insights from experts and fellow divers, we’ve got the inside scoop. Here’s what we think in a nutshell. Continue scrolling to read the rest of the review.



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Introduction: Atomic Aquatics and the B2 Regulator

When it comes to scuba diving gear, finding a reliable and high-quality regulator is essential. Today, we’ll be diving into the Atomic B2 Regulator, manufactured by Atomic Aquatics, a reputable brand known for its innovative scuba diving equipment. As an experienced scuba diving instructor, I’ve had the opportunity to test the B2 Regulator extensively and share my insights with you. But before we delve into the specifics, let’s emphasize the importance of purchasing scuba gear from authorized dealers for essential setup and testing.

Overview of the Atomic B2 Regulator

The Atomic B2 Regulator is designed to provide exceptional performance and reliability underwater. This regulator stands out from the crowd with its unique features that enhance the diving experience. Let’s take a closer look at what sets it apart.

Spec Breakdowns & Features

Specs & FeaturesDetails
ValveDIN or yoke
First stageBalanced Flow-Through Piston
Second stagePneumatically balanced
PortsTwo high-pressure, five low-pressure
Max working pressure300 bar/4350 psi (DIN); 232 bar/3365 psi (yoke)
Weight40 oz/1134g (yoke)

The Atomic B2  Regulator provides versatility with both DIN and yoke valve options, allowing you to choose the configuration that suits your diving needs. Its over-balanced diaphragm first stage ensures excellent performance throughout the dive, maintaining consistent air delivery even at greater depths. The pneumatically balanced second stage enhances breathability by reducing the breathing effort required, resulting in a comfortable diving experience. With two high-pressure and four low-pressure ports, the regulator offers ample options for hose routing and accessory attachment. Its robust construction and durable materials make it a reliable choice for divers in various conditions.

Testing Experience

During my extensive testing of the Atomic B2 Regulator, I focused on evaluating its performance in different diving environments. Breathability and air delivery were key factors I scrutinized, particularly in cold and warm water at varying depths. Here’s a summary of my findings:

Test ConditionsBreathability
Warm water (30 ft/9 m)9.5/10
Cold water (50°F/10°C, 80 ft)9.5/10
Deep dive (100 ft/30 m)9/10

Throughout these tests, the Atomic B2 Regulator showcased impressive breathability, ensuring a steady supply of air to the diver. Whether in warm or cold water, it consistently delivered air without requiring excessive effort. Even at greater depths, the regulator maintained its excellent performance, providing a stable and reliable breathing experience.

Atomic B2 Regulator Review - 2nd stage swivel

Maintenance Requirements

To keep your Atomic B2 Regulator functioning optimally, regular servicing is crucial. I recommend annual maintenance to ensure all components are in top condition. However, it’s worth noting that Atomic may have specific servicing guidelines that you should adhere to for warranty purposes. Remember, maintaining your gear properly enhances its longevity and reliability, keeping you safe underwater.

What Others Are Saying

To provide a balanced perspective, let’s hear from a few recreational divers who have experienced the Atomic B2 Regulator:

  • “The Atomic B2 Regulator is a game-changer. Its breathability and ease of use make it a joy to dive with.” – Emily, Open Water Diver
  • “I appreciate the durability and solid construction of the B2 Swivel Regulator. It gives me confidence during my dives.” – Mark, Advanced Diver

While these testimonials highlight the positive aspects of the regulator, it’s important to note that divers may have varying preferences and experiences. Keep in mind that individual comfort and personal preferences play a significant role in selecting the right regulator for you.

Price vs. Quality

Now, let’s evaluate the price and quality of the Atomic B2 Regulator. While it’s essential to consider budget constraints, it’s equally important to prioritize safety and performance. The Atomic B2 Regulator falls within the higher price range of regulators on the market. However, its exceptional build quality, breathability, and reliability justify the investment for divers who prioritize top-notch gear.

Atomic B2 Regulator Review - 2nd stage mouth piece

Do We Recommend?

Based on my experience and evaluation, I wholeheartedly recommend the Atomic B2 Regulator for recreational divers. Its excellent breathability, reliable air delivery, and durable construction make it a standout choice. However, remember that each diver has unique preferences and requirements, so it’s essential to try out different regulators and seek professional advice before making a final decision.


In conclusion, the Atomic B2 Regulator from Atomic Aquatics offers a reliable and high-performance option for scuba divers. Its unique features, including the over-balanced diaphragm first stage and pneumatically balanced second stage, contribute to its exceptional breathability and air delivery. While regular maintenance is necessary, the regulator’s solid construction ensures durability for years to come.

Remember, when purchasing scuba gear, always choose authorized dealers for proper setup and testing. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced diver, the Atomic B2 Regulator is a worthy investment for a safe and enjoyable underwater experience. Happy diving!

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